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Ocean Power — Energizing mineral blend
Ocean Power is an energizing mineral support formula with natural marine magnesium extract and bioavailable zinc L aspartate. Ocean Power also contains vitaminC and vitamin B6 in its active form which, unlike other
forms, does not require conversion by the liver.

The ingredients of Ocean Power all work together to promote healthy and stable energy metabolism.

Marine Magnesium — Naturally potent
The marine magnesium used in Ocean Power is one of the most effective known natural sources of magnesium and is extracted in a slow, fully natural process. Magnesium is essential for normal muscle and nerve
function and serves as a cofactor for over 300 enzymes involved in biological processes. Magnesium deficiency can result in tiredness and stress, and adjusted intake can therefore promote energy and calm.
Magnesium is not stored in the body and needs to be replenished daily. Magnesium deficiency is associated with many disorders, including:



Powerful mineral support formula
For healthy energy metabolism
Natural Calm





Ocean Power contains Zinc-L-Aspartate, a naturally occurring delivery form of the micro mineral zinc. This form of zinc is popular both because of its bioavailability as well as being considered gentler on the gastrointestinal tract (GI). Zinc is present in every organ, tissue, and fluid in the body and plays a significant role in many basic functions, including protein synthesis, energy metabolism, hormone-level maintenance, and regulation of appetite, taste, smell, and stress levels.
Zinc is involved in the synthesis, storage, and release of insulin, and studies have suggested that zinc has beneficial
effects on insulin resistance and glucose and lipid profiles in patients with diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

L-aspartate is a glycogenic amino acid found in small amounts in body fluids and plays a role in energy production
via its metabolism in the Krebs cycle. L-aspartate is thought by some to be effective as a supplement for enhancing stamina, increasing endurance, and reducing fatigue in athletes.

P5P — The most active form of Vitamin B6
Hafkalk ehf. uses only vitamin B6 in its active form, Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (P5P), which does not require
conversion by the liver like other common types of the vitamin. Because of this, P5P is thought to cause less stress on the liver and is also believed to be more bioavailable than other sources. Vitamin B6 is involved in protein and carbohydrate
metabolism and plays a vital role in the body’s ability to store and use energy from food. Vitamin B6 is also important for normal oxygen transport and maintaining blood glucose within the normal range.

Vitamin C — A powerful antioxidant
Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for the human body an mild deficiency has been linked with abnormal lethargy, fatigue, and bone pain. In severe cases it can also cause Scurvy, muscular and joint pain with deteriorating bone health, and loss of cartilage. Vitamin C is thought to increase magnesium and vitamin B absorption and is also necessary for the synthesis of
collagen, the main protein in bone and cartilage, and also what gives our skin its elasticity. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and it has been hypothesized that antioxidants can enhance performance by scavenging these radicals during exercise.


  • Depression and anxiety

  • Diabetes

  • Spasms and cramps

  • Cardiovascular disorders

  • High bloodpressure

  • Osteoporosis



Two 620mg  vegeterian capsules of Ocean Calm contain:


Magnesium 357 mg (95% RDA)
Calcium 178 mg (22% RDA)
Vitamin B6 (P5P) 1,4 mg (100% RDS)
Vitamin C 80 mg (100% RDS)
Iodine 11,8 μg (7,9% RDS)

In addition to many other essential trace minerals from the sea.

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