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Natural Calcium from Iceland


A Natural Source of Calcium and Minerals
Good for bone and joint health

What is it?

Ocean Calcium is a unique certified natural seaweed-derived multimineral complex, sustainably harvested from Lithothamnion red algae from the crystalline waters of northwest Iceland. Calcified red algae contains over 30% pure calcium, plus around 2.5% magnesium and 72 other trace minerals, including iodine, boron, cobalt, iron, manganese, zinc and copper. The unique mineral matrix and distinctive physical structure of Lithothamnion red algae promotes bone mineral content and enhances the bone integrity.


Calcified Red Algage

During its growth phase Lithothamnion red algae absorbs essential minerals from the sea, providing Ocean Calcium with its complex blend of minerals and trace elements.

The unique naturally porous honeycomb structure of the red algae ensures the slow and effective release of calcium, increasing bioavailability and bone absorption and enhancing utilization by the body.


Health Benefits

Long-term customers report that Ocean Calcium has changed their lives, giving them stronger bones, relieving pain, reducing inflammation and increasing activity and mobility. Human-based studies show that the ingredients of Ocean Calcium inhibit the onset of osteoporosis, improve bone mineral density, act as an anti-inflammatory, and reduce pain and stiffness in joints.

Calcium is essential for healthy teeth and bones and the most abundant mineral in the body. The body also needs calcium for normal muscle and nerve function, to maintain healthy blood circulation, and to assist the release of hormones and enzymes that affect almost every function of the body.

The main source of calcium in conventional diets is dairy produce. So Ocean Calcium is particularly valuable for vegetarians and vegans, people with lactose intolerance, and others whose diets may contain insufficient calcium, such as pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and post-menopausal women who may need extra calcium to prevent osteoporosis in later life.



Two 585mg vegeterian capsules of Ocean Calcium contain:


Calcium  374 mg (46% RDA)

Magnesium  34,6 mg (10% RDA)

Iodine  26,2 μg (18% RDA)


Plus phosphorus, iron, potassium, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium and many other natural marine trace minerals.

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