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About Hafkalk

Hafkalk is a family-owned business, founded in 2000 and located in Bildudalur, a village of only about 200 inhabitants in the remote Westfjords of north-western Iceland.  Bildudalur stands on Arnarfjord, one of the largest fjords facing out onto the open waters of the north Atlantic and the source of the calcified red algae used in our products. The picture you see on our labels is the view from Bildudalur across the fjord. The red algae clusters just off the tip of the headland seen in the picture.


Hafkalk produces its food supplements only from the highest quality ingredients, sourced both locally and outside Iceland. All our products feature natural main ingredients from marine sources, supplemented with high-quality vitamins and minerals to maximise the benefits of these unique constituents. No Hafkalk product contains any fillers or additives, only the pure active ingredients.


Hafkalk puts its emphasis on quality. In 2012 the company was awarded TÚN accreditation for its standards of inspection, operating procedures and production methods. TÚN ( is the leading Icelandic inspection and certification organisation for organic and sustainable production and resource utilisation, committed to providing high-quality services to primary producers and processors in agriculture and fisheries. Its standards operate within the framework of European regulations. TÚN is listed in the official EU registry of approved certifying agencies for organic production in the EU and EEA and is a member of IFOAM and accredited by ISAC under the EN45011 standard for bodies operating product certification systems.



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