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Premium bone support
Ocean Calcium Gold is a certified natural product containing Calcified Red Algae from North West Iceland. To ensure optimal bioavailability and the correct incorporation
of calcium, Ocean Calcium Gold is strengthened with vitamin D3 and K2 (MK7) along with vitamin C, magnesium and manganese for added effect.


Calcified Red Algae — A unique mineral source
During its growth phase the calcified red algae absorbs essential minerals from the sea, providing Ocean Calcium with its complex blend of minerals and trace elements. The unique, naturally porous honeycomb structure of the red algae ensures the slow and effective release of calcium, increasing bioavailability and bone absorption and enhancing utilization by the body.

Calcified red algae contains over 30 percent pure calcium, plus around 2.5 percent magnesium and 72 other trace minerals, including iodine, boron, cobalt, iron, manganese, zinc and copper. The unique mineral matrix and distinctive physical structure of Lithothamnion red algae promotes bone-mineral content and enhances the bone integrity.

Vitamin D3 and K2 — A dynamic duo
The importance of vitamin D for correct uptake of calcium is well known. Vitamin D is involved in the production of bone-building cells and increases the synthesis of calcium



A Premium Bone Support Formula
Good for bone and joint health
Natural Calcium from Iceland

binding proteins. In the absence of vitamin D, calcium absorption is therefore impaired.
Although many studies have shown that the western population lacks vitamin D, new literature increasingly has focused on the importance of vitamin K2 in addition to vitamin D and calcium.
Vitamin K2 is a cofactor for activating the bone building-protein osteocalcin, an important protein that ties calcium to the extracellular hydroxyapatite matrix of the bone. Osteocalcin needs to be activated to fulfill this task, and vitamin K is the only activator.Thus calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K2 are equally important, and they work together to improve bone health: Calcium as the bone building brick, vitamin D to increase absorption of calcium from the intestine as well as production of bone-building cells, and vitamin K2 for incorporating calcium to the bone structures and preventing
arterial calcification. Ocean calcium contains vitamin D3, the premium vitamin D source and Menaquinone-7 (MK-7) vitamin K2.

Vitamin C, Magnesium and Manganese
Ocean Calcium Gold also contains vitamin C, magnesium, and manganese, all intended to further support and optimize the absorption and incorporation of calcium to the bone structure.

Vitamin C is an important cofactor in the synthesis of collagen, the main protein in our bones. Vitamin C is also believed to increase the uptake of calcium. Magnesium further supports the correct utilization of calcium and vitamin D. Ocean Calcium Gold contains moderate amounts of marine magnesium extract in addition to magnesium naturally found in the calcified red algae. Manganese has been linked to better calcium uptake
but is equally important for the healthy development and metabolism of bones.


Two 650mg capsules of Ocean Calcium Gold contain:

Calcium            355mg           (44% RDA)
Magnesium     78mg              (21% RDA)
Vitamin D3      20μg(800 IU) (200% RDA)
Vitamin C         50mg             (63% RDA)
Manganese      2mg               (100% RDA)
Vitamin K2        50μg(*)

And many other natural trace minerals.

Recommended intake is 2 - 4 capsules daily

*RDA not established.

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